Thursday, September 16, 2010

You still might be a home schooler...

Welcome to this week's episode of You Might Be a Homeschooler!!!! {insert wild applause} If there was any doubt before, I am going to share with you a picture that forever sealed our fate. OK, Here it goes. You might be a home schooler if you find yourself dissecting owl pellets at your dining room table with the family gathered around.

I purchased one for each child along with a sheet that helps to indentify the various bones and animals that may be found in the pellets. For the record, an owl pellet is the bone and fur that the owl can not digest from his meal, so it vomits this up as a "pellet". By taking this delightful, little wad of refuse apart, you are able to determine what the owls diet consists of. Upon examination, we determined that our pellets contained 8 rodent skulls, several rodent hip bones, numerous spinal bones, and LOADS of fur. Oh, and YES, I did thoroughly scour the table after this little project! :o/

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